The ultimate platform for VoIP Solutions.

Are you looking to deliver a flexible and verry functional Cloud VoIP platform towards your endcustomers? With VoiPswer VoIP Solutions you can make it happen.



Powerfull Cloud VoIP Solutions for your customers.

From PBX services and SIP trunking up to Microsoft Teams integration VoiPswer can deliver the perfect VoIP telephony solution for the business of your customers.

100% Cloud

These days IT and Telecom services should be delivered from cloud. All the VoiPswer solutions are running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform to guarantee a stable environment.

PBX Functionality

Our Cloud Telephony System provides a lot of functionality. From a simple configuration up to a complex dial-flow with external API calls, all configured via an intuitive web interface.

MS Teams Integration

We make it possible to dial in and out from your Microsoft Teams tenant. To add extra functionality, we can also connect a VoiPSwer Cloud PBX to your Microsoft Teams Tenant.

VoiP SIP-Trunking

For End-Customers still using on-premise PBX solutions, we can provide high quality VoIP SIP-trunking services while retaining the dial-in numbers.

Management Portal

Via the VoiPswer Management Portal, you can administrate all services and your customers. The End-Customer can manage their own services.

Powerfull API

In a modern world API is key!
Our VoiPswer platform has a lot of API capabilities to integrate with your services or end-customers services.

Use Our controlpanel to manage Your customers!

From requesting number portations up to checking the end customer's VoIP credit, with the VoiPswer controlpanel managing your customers is just one click away.


Easy PBX-Management

The VoiPswer cloud-PBX platform is completely managed by an easy and intuitive web interface which offers endless config possibilities.

Combine our VoIP solutions to fit your Customer

By mixing our VoIP Solutions it is possible to deliver the perfect solutions towards the customers .


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Meet our team

VoiPswer was founded in 2020 by an experienced team with an in depth technical knowledge of VoIP Technology.


Derdaele Kristof

Founder & CTO




Partnership Overview

On the basis of the questions and answers below you can find more info about the VoiPswer parntership possibilities.

Does your company already offer "Business to Business" products or services to end customers? Or you are planning such activity? Then you are eligible to become a VoiPswer partner. Preferably you already offer IT or Telecom related services or products but this is certainly not a must! The most important thing is that your company is or become the trusted partner of the end customer and can propose VoiPswer solutions.

VoiPswer offers two options of Partner collaborations:.

Reseller Partner: in this type of partnership, the VoiPswer solutions are billed directly by VoiPswer to the end customer on a monthly basis and the partner receives a commission on a quarterly basis. For this type of partnership no minimum commitments apply and is intended for Partners who would rather offer the VoiPswer solutions as a by-product also to their customers.

Value Added Reseller (VAR): as VAR partner you take care of the invoicing to the end customers and you will receive a monthly invoice from VoiPswer for the purchased VoiPswer solutions. However in this type of Partner agreement strict conditions apply regarding volumes and commitments and is intended for parties that really focus on offering VoIP solutions to end customers. In this type of partnership, it is mandatory to have BIPT operator status.

In both type of partnerships, the partner is responsible for the supply of any necessary VoIP hardware, implementation and support towards the end customer.

The VoiPswer solutions all have a logical structure and build which makes it unnecessary for a partner to have in-depth technical knowledge of VoiP technology. However, a basic knowledge of IT, cloud and networking is required.

As a partner of VoiPswer you do not have to worry about the technical side of offering VoIP solutions. So you can focus on providing service to the end customer, possibly upselling or cross-selling.

Via a number porting procedure existing Belgian phone numbers of end customers can be ported to VoiPswer without any problem. Activation of new phone numbers or transfer of foreign phone numbers is also possible under certain conditions.